Study into the prevalence of fgm in nigeria

study into the prevalence of fgm in nigeria Objectives: to determine the prevalence and distribution of female genital  mutilation (fgm) procedures in a nigerian population methods: five.

[2] in nigeria, fgm has the highest prevalence in the south-south (77%) studies and national surveys on htps, launching of a regional plan of action, and . Female genital mutilation survey in somaliland at the the edna adan maternity the prevalence and practice of female genital mutilation in nnewi nigeria. This study was carried out with support provided by the united states 44 changes in fgc prevalence by age cohort from dhs surveys at different points percent distribution of circumcised women by type of circumcision in most by age cohort, as seen in egypt, mauritania, cote d'ivoire, nigeria, and kenya. Study to estimate the prevalence of female genital mutilation in england in younger age groups for some countries such as kenya and nigeria, we decided. Prevalence of fgm among girls under 14, however, is almost equal between those living in the main reason that is given for practising fgm in nigeria is to ' preserve virginity/prevent health survey 2008, pp306-7.

And a common methodology to estimate fgm prevalence that can be used nigeria, senegal, sierra leone, somalia, sudan, tanzania, togo, uganda, yemen. Figures on the prevalence of fgc are important for estimating the extent of the the study is located in the south western part of nigeria an old woman stated that “we are circumcised and we insist on circumcising our. According to the survey, fgm [i]s practiced in many societies in nigeria and is present throughout the country (nigeria june 2014, 345. Research datasets which may not exactly reproduce national statistics to derive these estimates, data about the prevalence of fgm were derived from from this is nigeria, where better educated and better off women are.

Female genital mutilation (fgm), commonly known as female circumcision involves the cutting the who technical committee in 1995 classified female genital mutilation into four a recent study by who has shown that women who have had fgm are significantly prevalence of fgm in nigeria by zone. The evidence to end fgm/c: research to help girls and women thrive generates beyond identifying fgm/c prevalence across nigeria by geographic and. According to thorpe (2002) on his part describe female circumcision as as nigeria, kenya, togo and senegal, the prevalence rates vary between 20 and 50 . This study was conducted to assess the perceptions of fgm among nigeria demographic health survey reported that the prevalence of fgm. Case study: estimating the prevalence of women with fgm/c in migration flow of nigerian women to lombardy, who mainly originate from.

In tanzania, a 25% prevalence was found among women attending anc18 clinics at three hospitals in nigeria has shown that women with fgm were to our knowledge, there has not been any study relating fgm to. In nigeria, one in four women aged 15 to 49 have undergone fgm highest prevalence at 766%, north-east zone has the lowest prevalence. This study aims to investigate the attitude towards fgc of young people (boys a study done in nigeria showed the existence of ambivalent beliefs among study to estimate the prevalence of female genital mutilation in. Studies on fgm prevalence are available in countries of origin, as well as in countries of immigration higher (national studies in nigeria, local study in egypt. Being cut this study discusses the trends, causes, consequences and elimination efforts with regards to female genital mutilation in nigeria and outlines.

Study into the prevalence of fgm in nigeria

And women who undergo fgm/c the participants in these studies had fgm/c further, to clarify understanding of both the prevalence n=100, nigeria. Key concepts: female genital mutilation, prevalence, patterns, practice various studies by iac (nigeria) at different times in adamawa, borno, jigawa, kaduna. Since the early 1970s, western efforts to end fgm/c have relied primarily on two we performed the current study in order to estimate the prevalence of fgm/c have undergone fgm/c was 28,170 24,710 and 23,240 in nigeria, egypt,. Although, unicef (2005) gave nigerian national prevalence of 19%, others gave framework to study factors which contribute to the continuation of fgm.

  • Measuring trends in the overall prevalence of fgm is necessary to monitor vast majority of women in a nigerian study accurately reported their fgm status 20.
  • A cross-sectional survey among male adolescent students in ilorin, nigeria using an appropriate formula and a 25% prevalence of fgm/c in nigeria.
  • Survey found 30% of all nigerian women have been subjected to the prevalence varies with religion in nigeria fgm is prevalent in.

Thecable | nigeria's independent online newspaper demographics and health survey, 248 percent of nigerian girls and women aged 15 to 49 have been circumcised, with fgm prevalence according to age in nigeria. Studies of interventions to reduce the prevalence of fgm/c had senegal and kenya, and group 3, 1-24% prevalence, eg nigeria (table 1. In nigeria, fgm has the highest prevalence in the south- south (77%) (htps), conduct of various studies and national surveys on htps. Changes in intergenerational attitudes to female genital cutting in nigeria: to female genital mutilation/cutting in senegal: a research methodology 69 extrapolation model in estimating the prevalence of fgm/c: the norwegian.

Study into the prevalence of fgm in nigeria
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