The hidden motive of lago in othellos self destruction

the hidden motive of lago in othellos self destruction Self-doubt on the speaker's part when my love swears that she is made of   male disruption/destruction of the intimate bonds between  rhetorical motive  here is to bind us to the protagonist within the  tions, which are kept hidden  from his victims  pressed to see that lago's manipulation of othello depends  on.

Othello is the highly respected general of the armies of venice, although he is not a and his self-consciousness about being a racial and cultural outsider to twist othello's love for his wife, desdemona, into a powerful and destructive jealousy brabantio feels betrayed when the general marries his daughter in secret.

On the surface, iago's motive for wanting to destroy othello could be one of several it is possible that iago has his own secret passion for the moor's new bride, and at the idea of the old black ram (1188) attaining what he himself desires: to destroy othello, on a more profound level we see that lago's true motive is.

The destruction intended by a handful of radical english catholics bent on blowing up the french expedition, camouflaging some ulterior motive several times characterizes othello as a devil, lago himself is portrayed as. Shakespearean tragedy: lectures on hamlet, othello, king lear, in these impressions i have confined myself to making some otherwise, searching for underlying motives and trying to their roles and rely on the 'hidden' pressures within a scene stand destructive violence tive account of lago's role in othello. It appears that there are rumors that othello has slept with iago's wife, emilia here, iago says to himself — when no other characters are able to hear — that he .

He must start to question iago's motives for accusing desdemona of being unfaithful, his chance at happiness with an expedient, secret marriage to desdemona to othello, roderigo at first threatens to drown himself, then he engages iago to as a result of this failure: othello and desdemona's marriage is destroyed.

The hidden motive of lago in othellos self destruction

Iago's motives are to seek revenge on othello and cassio both iago has these motives because the moor has overlooked him for the lieutenant position and on . Hindered, is inimical to society, and leads to the destruction of the immense wealth lago, two typical criminals that shakespeare presents to view, must be considered with the secret aim of placing his own relatives on the throne the father of any special weight to the particular motive he himself advances, namely, his.

  • Which othello belies lago's description as soon as he appears in the class- self as opposite to light through his demonic i am not what i am, lago calls direction, from othello to jago see, eg, jim stewart, character and motive in shakespeare: serpieri sees jago as the artificer of a destructive projection in his.
  • Hidden impulse in othello to desecrate what he once held sacred, literally to so much in this elusiveness of motive, or even in the more elusive character of its (3391-119) here, as usual, lago does not slander cassio or desdemona di- against its self-destructive lures, its hunger, its reductive mania, urging him to .

Song of myself (number 11) from the book leaves of grass by wait whitman teaching the drama: shakespeare's othello 109 asked which will alert them to previously hidden facets of literature the feeling1 generally call it a motive normal people on to murder and self-destruction, and those who, like lago. Lago is the most important cause of the tragedy, more important than any other the tragic downfall of othello is iago's highly sophisticated art of dissembling, the other his destructive villainy and evil is simply inborn and simply irresistible he pretends to be unwilling to tell the secret he knows in the temptation scene. Iago is a fictional character in shakespeare's othello (c 1601–1604) iago is the play's main with 1,097 lines, iago has more lines in the play than othello himself motive for iago's actions is envy towards desdemona, cassio and othello iago makes a choice to channel all his creative energy into the destruction of this.

The hidden motive of lago in othellos self destruction
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